Lake Havasu Soccer League

Q. How old does my child need to be to play soccer?
A. Players between the age of 4 and 14 are eligible to play. Unfortunately we do not offer a high school age division. Only 14 year olds who are in 8th grade are eligible to play.


Q. Can my child play down an age division?
A. Yes, but we would need a note from a doctor stating why your child is unable to play at his or her age level. The LHSL board will then need to review the request and either approve or disapprove of it. A child cannot play down an age division to be with a friend or sibling. There must be a medical reason why a child cannot play age appropriately.


Q. Can my child play up an age division?
A. No. We have the age divisions broken up by birth year. Your child will be playing with children that are born in the same birth year.


Q. Do I need to provide a copy my child’s birth certificate?
A. Yes, but only if they are a new player to our league. Birth certificates are required by our insurance for age verification. Players who do not submit a birth certificate will not be allowed to play. All birth certificates are kept electronically so once we have it on file you do not need to re submit it.


Q. Can my child play if they have no experience?
A. Absolutely! Approximately 30% of all divisions consist of players with no experience. Your child will most likely not be the only one on his/her team who has never played before. New players are always welcome.


Q. What does my registration fee pay for?
A. Registration fees cover field & equipment maintenance, player insurance, state & city registration fees, referee costs as well as player uniform, basic picture packet and trophy. U11 and higher do not receive trophies. Medals are given to the top 3 teams in each division during playoffs.


Q. What other gear will I need to purchase?
A. Players will need to have shin guards, soccer cleats, and an appropriately sized soccer ball. Baseball cleats may be worn by the younger players but absolutely no football cleats unless the toe cleat has been removed. Goalies may wish to use their own goalie-gloves.


Q. What size ball does my division use?
A:  U5 - U8  Ball Size 3

     U9 - U12  Ball Size 4

     U13-U15  Ball Size 5


Q. If my child changes his mind can I get a refund?
A. Refunds are not given once late registration has closed unless we are able to fill your child’s spot on the team with a player from the waiting list.


Q. Can I apply for a player scholarship?
A. Scholarship funds are not set aside from year to year. We do however work closely with local businesses to obtain team sponsorships which allow us to offer $25 in scholarship funds per player. Funds are distributed on a first come first serve basis and are not guaranteed. You will need to provide proof of AHCCCS, WIC or other assistance program enrollment. To apply for a scholarship, please contact


Q. How are teams picked?
A. Players in U5-U8 divisions will be placed on teams based on their schools. The U9 & U10 divisions will be assigned players based on experience and ability in an effort to ensure fairness and equal play amongst the teams. The U11-U15 divisions are drafted by the coaches after the players have attended a skills assessment.


Q. Can I pick my coach?
A. U5-U10 coach requests are not guaranteed but we will do our best to accommodate them if possible. Coach requests for players in U11 and up will NOT be honored as those divisions are drafted.


Q. Can I request to be with another player?
A. We do allow player requests as we realize that a lot of parents rely on each other for carpooling. There are however a few guidelines. Only one request per child will be allowed, the request must be mutual and the request must be indicated on both children’s registration forms. The U11-U15 divisions are drafted so NO player requests will be honored with the exception of siblings. Sibling requests will be given priority above all others but must be indicated on the registration form.


Q. Can a player switch teams?
A. Once the teams are set, players generally cannot be moved off a team onto another team. Teams are divided into the U5-U10divisions by school so chances are your child will know at least a few people and most parents are open to creating a carpooling arrangement. In the U11-U15 divisions which are drafted, there will be absolutely NO team changes. Late registrations are placed by the player registrar depending on which team has an opening and your child may/may not end up with kids from his/her school.


Q. Can I pick my jersey number?
A. Jersey number request is not guaranteed is at the coaches discretion.


Q. What is a skills assessment
A. Players that are subject to a draft will need to attend a skills assessment. This is not a tryout. The skills assessment is a simple evaluation of each player in order to ensure that teams are drafted fairly. The goal is to make sure that all teams have an equal amount of experienced vs. inexperienced players.


Q. What is my child cannot attend a skills assessment?
A. Players who do not attend the skills assessment will not be eligible for the draft. This doesn’t mean they won’t be able to play, only that a coach will be unable to specifically pick them. These players will be placed on teams at the Player Registrar’s discretion once the draft has been completed.


Q. When will I hear from a coach?
A. Coaches will be given rosters at the coaches meeting approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the first games.


Q. I missed registration, now what?
A. For those players who did not register on time we do have a waiting list. The waiting list will be "first come first serve". Please contact our registrar at


Q. When and where will practices be?
A. Practice time, day and location are determined by the coach. All of our coaches are volunteers and will need to schedule practices around their work schedules. Most teams practice 2 days per week ranging from a 45-minute practice for the younger divisions up to a 2-hour practice for the oldest divisions. For practice, the league utilizes Cypress Park and the ASU soccer fields. The best way to guarantee a specific practice day/time is to volunteer to coach.


Q. Do all of the divisions keep score?
A. No. The U5-U8 divisions do not keep score. Scorekeeping begins in theU9 division.


Q. How much playing time will my child receive?
A. All players should play a minimum of 50% of the game. In U5-U10 division coaches may withhold a player for disciplinary reasons such as disruptive behavior. In U11-U15 coaches may withhold a player for disruptive behavior and or lack of attendance/participation.


Q. Who has playoffs and how do they work?
A. U11-u15 divisions have playoffs. At the end of the regular season, the top 4 teams will compete against each other for 1st thru 4th place. Playoff games are typically held in one to two days with each team playing 2 games. Medals are awarded to the top 3 teams in each division.


Q. How do we get info on cancelled games?
A. Games are generally only cancelled for 2 reasons, lightning and after heavy rainstorms when it has been deemed that the fields are too wet and playing on them would result in damaged fields. Information on cancelled games will be posted on our Facebook page, as well as emails sent. We make every attempt to give as much notice as possible. Games cancelled by the league will be rescheduled at the player registrar’s discretion and depending on field availability.


Q. Do the kids play in the rain?
A. Yes! We do play and/or practice in the rain as long as there is no lightning. Games played in the rain are subject to being canceled at the discretion of the head referee. Playing in the rain can be really fun for the kids, though understandably not as much for the parents. Feel free to bring an umbrella


Q. Can players wear something extra for cold weather?
A. Yes. Players are allowed to wear grey, black or white long sleeves or leggings under their uniform. No colored clothing and all hoods must be tucked into the jersey


Q. Can players wear jewelry during a game?
A. No. Bracelets and earrings can be dangerous to the player wearing them and others around them. The referee is responsible for the safety of all the players. Plan on piercing ears after soccer season is over.


Q. Do we have to wear our exact uniform?
A. Yes. All players are required to wear the uniform they have been given by the league. Sock & short colors are very important as referees use these when determining which team is which. This will be strictly enforced by our U11-U15 divisions. Players without the appropriate uniform will NOT be allowed to play no exceptions. Solid colored shorts may be substituted for same color solid shorts. No added striping or any extra coloring is allowed.


Q. What if I disagree with the referee?
A. It is NOT appropriate for either a coach or spectator to address a referee during a game. If you are interested in clarification on a specific rule or ruling you may request to speak to the head referee at the half or end of the game. However, referees are not required to justify calls or explain rules. Aggressive or argumentative behavior towards a referee will not be tolerated and can lead to removal or banning of coaches/spectators from the soccer field.

Please keep in mind that referees are human and can only call what they see. They have no ill will towards any team/player specifically. Many of our referees are young, still learning and are doing the best they can.

All referee complaints/concerns should be directed to the league Referee Coordinator in writing at


Q. I have no soccer experience, can I coach?
A. Soccer experience is not required. If you want to be involved with your child’s team we provide coaching clinics to teach how to coach. If you are uncomfortable coaching solo the first year we can assign you as an assistant coach. Team parents are also in high demand and really help things run smoothly throughout the season. If you are interested in coaching please contact us at


Q. What is involved in being a team parent?
A. If you are thinking about signing up as the team parent……you should! It’s not hard at all and a great way to help out. Team parent duties include coordinating and/or handing out; game & snack schedules, uniforms, trophies, pictures, team banner & help coach with the end of year party. Consult your players' coach.


Q. How do I become a volunteer?
A. All volunteer coaches and assistant coaches will need to fill out a background check every year. Due to state requirements, volunteers must re-apply and be assigned badges annually. A badge that must be worn during games. coaches and assistant coaches without a badge will not be allowed on the field or the player sideline.


A. Snacks are not mandatory but are usually coordinated by the team parent or coach. Each child will usually be assigned to provide snacks for one game per season. Snacks generally consist of a half time snack and after game snack. Orange slices or some other fruit is recommended for half time and usually a juice or Gatorade & granola bar for after game.


Q. OTHER STUFF - Team Banners
A. Team banners are not mandatory but if your team wants to make/purchase a banner it is usually coordinated by the team parent. All players are asked to pitch in (around $10 each) to cover the cost.


Q. OTHER STUFF - End of Season Party
A. End of season parties are not mandatory, though most coaches will take this opportunity to hand out trophies. Parties are typically coordinated by the coach and/or team parent and all families pitch in for the cost (usually around $10 each).


The mission of Lake Havasu Soccer League is to introduce the game of soccer to youth of all ages and skill levels with the purpose of providing the opportunity for each player to develop to their highest potential.  LHSL strives to maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect and teamwork while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game of soccer.