Lake Havasu Soccer League

LHSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 12th, 2021

6:30PM at Sunrise Pharmacy, 1955 McCulloch Blvd. N, Ste. 100

LHSL Board of Directors in attendance: Chris Daigle, Tamara Webster, Ezekiel Kesitilwe, Kimberly Alexander
Others in attendance: Dr. Kristy Whelan

Meeting called to order at 6:34 PM on Monday, July 12th, 2021.

I. Financial Reports / Update on Earmarking*

A. LHSL – Kimberly Alexander

1. Financial reports were made available. There were no questions or discussion from attendees regarding the reports. Kimberly has organized and archived older records, while more recent records are being kept on-hand. Kimberly mentions that $215 was recently paid out to the League from the Amazon Smiles program.

B. Lions – Lauren Farshler / Chris Daigle

1. There is currently approximately $47,000 in the account, including approximately $27,000 for new registration. Lions bookkeeping is being moved to Quikbooks to assist with keeping the books in order in the upcoming season; errors in accounting, such as paying full stipends to coaches that did not have a full roster, in the previous season left the Lions with a deficit. Lions currently owes 2 coach stipends and the last payment to the registrar.

II. Discussion on Covid Vaccine Clinic for Lions Players 12+ – Chris Daigle / Dr. Kristy Whelan

A. Dr. Whelan believes it is important to keep players healthy as they travel; she has held other vaccination clinics in the past. This clinic would be made available to both players and parents – it would be an offer, and not mandatory. Dr. Whelan's staff would administer the vaccines with the assistance of Coach Ezekiel. Some discussion is had regarding the date: Dr. Whelan believes that August 6th, before the Lions BBQ picnic, would be a good date, but she and Coach Ezekiel will discuss and firm up a date, and make this information available to coaches and parents.

B. Chris asks if there are any liability issues for the Lions. Dr. Whelan has malpractice insurance and would be willing to hold the clinic under that umbrella. While the Lions are able to promote the clinic, they would not be held liable for any issues resulting from administration of the vaccine.

III. Other Information / Topics:

A. Approval of previous months' minutes will be tabled for the next meeting.

B. Rec soccer:

1. Registration will open this week once the website is loaded. Chris will partner with Robert Starkey on this. Registration closes on August 27th.

2. Assessments will be held the week of August 29th for 10U and up.

3. Drafts will take place week of September 5th for U12 and U15.

4. Practices will start the week of September 26th.

5. The Challenger Camp is scheduled for September 25-26, with the cost going to player parents.

6. Games will take place October 2nd through December 4th, with All Stars being held on December 10th or 11th.

C. It will be more cost effective for the league to offer free tuition to 4 Lions families to line the fields. They will also be responsible for taking care of goals and nets.

D. Marcia Lynnes is training to take over the registrar position next year from Bre.

E. Parker is starting its own League, and to aid in this, LHSL will allow it to operate under the LHSL banner.

F. Lions:

1. There are 9 full Lions teams. The '06 team has been dissolved due to lack of players and coaches. There is a new 2012 co-ed team.

2. A Lions BBQ picnic is scheduled for August 6th.

3. Practices will begin August 9th.

G. Ezekiel asks if there has been any interest on the positions of Director of Communications and Lions Treasurer. Chris will be looking for interest for these position, but believes Kristina Gallo may still be interested in the Treasurer position.

Meeting adjourned at 6:58 PM on Monday, July 12th, 2021. The next LHSL Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 6th, 2021.


The mission of Lake Havasu Soccer League is to introduce the game of soccer to youth of all ages and skill levels with the purpose of providing the opportunity for each player to develop to their highest potential.  LHSL strives to maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect and teamwork while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game of soccer.