Lake Havasu Soccer League

LHSL Board Meeting Minutes

LHSL Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 1st, 2018

5:30 p.m. at the Aquatic Center in Community Room 155/156, 100 Park Ave, Lake Havasu City


LHSL Board of Directors in attendance: Chris Daigle, Natalie Livermore, Laura Shuffler, Kristin Dreisbach, Katherine Blanchard, Tamara Webster, Ezekiel Kesitilwe, Bre Kistler

LHSL Appointed Coordinators in attendance: Robert Starkey

Others in attendance: Paola Navarro


Meeting called to order at 5:35 p.m. on Monday, October 1st, 2018.


I. Financial Reports / Update on Earmarking*

a. LHSL – Marc Zettle

1. Not in attendance, no report available.

b. Lions – Lauren Farshler

1. Not in attendance, no report available.

II. Update on Coaches' Clinic* – Ezekiel Kesitilwe

a. Classes and reimbursement

1. Board discusses offering introductory training to volunteer coaches as a investment in them, incentive to volunteer in future seasons, and an overall benefit to the League. At $25 per coach (one introductory module), all rec coaches could be introduced to training. Coaches would pay through the online course, then be reimbursed by the League.

2. In-person training for Club coaches again on the calendar at no cost to the coaches, taking place in October in BHC and January in LHC. More details to follow.

3. In order to receive a license number, a “D” certification is required (equivalent to the previous “E” certification).

III. Referee link on League website (assignor and state training classes) – Ezekiel Kesitilwe

a. Board discusses the path for which referees can express their interest and register for training. There is currently information on the “Contact” page. Those who are interested in refereeing contact Katherine, who in turn contacts the assignors. The Board agrees there is no need to provide direct link to the assignor website.

IV. Consideration for compensation for League Registrar and Lions Registrar* – Ezekiel Kesitilwe

a. Ezekiel points out that many board members invest personal time and assets to the League/Club, and asks how they might be recognized or compensated? Non-profit boards can have paid members, where the tasks associated with their position become a requirement of the job versus a volunteer “are you able to” approach. Chris suggests further research; topic to be discussed at future time.

V. Possible Discount for 03 Lions Team – Chris Daigle

a. Chris would like to waive September + October tournament fees due to previous issues with scheduling tournaments. Board decides this is an item to be voted on at the next Lions meeting.

VI. Other Information / Topics:

a. League discusses color + design of board polos to be ordered.

b. Team uniforms are still arriving, will be put in shed at ASU for distribution after being sorted.

c. Team picture schedule will be communicated to Katherine this week, pictures to be taken at Rotary in the Bowl. Changes to the schedule will only be made for conflicts involving coaches with multiple teams.

d. Board discusses reaching out for volunteers to assist with planning/coordinating end-of-season “Coaches Cup”. Robert will make a Facebook post asking for volunteers. Natalie will oversee if a volunteer committee is formed.

e. Coaches must have ID card in order to be on sidelines.

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m. on Monday, October 1st, 2018. Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 6th , 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in Jane Camlin room at the Aquatic Center.


The mission of Lake Havasu Soccer League is to introduce the game of soccer to youth of all ages and skill levels with the purpose of providing the opportunity for each player to develop to their highest potential.  LHSL strives to maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect and teamwork while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game of soccer.