Lake Havasu Soccer League

U10 Boys Game Schedule 2019
Date Day Time Team v.s. Team Score
5-Oct Sat 8:30am Lowery v Pilkey 6-2
5-Oct Sat 10:55am Lowder v Leivas 2-4
5-Oct Sat 12:20 Hill v Thompson 2-6
5-Oct Sat 1:45pm Robertson v Santana 8-6
12-Oct Sat 12:20 Thompson v Robertson 5-1
12-Oct Sat 1:45pm Leivas v Santana 2-5
12-Oct Sat 3:10pm Lowery v Lowder 4-1
12-Oct Sat 4:35pm Pilkey v Hill 0-3
19-Oct Sat 9:30am Leivas v Lowery 1-9
19-Oct Sat 10:55am Lowder v Hill 6-4
19-Oct Sat 12:20 Santana v Thompson 2-4
19-Oct Sat 1:45pm Pilkey v Robertson 3-4
26-Oct Sat 12:20 Hill v Leivas 6-3
26-Oct Sat 1:45pm Thompson v Pilkey 2-1
26-Oct Sat 3:10pm Robertson v Lowder 1-5
26-Oct Sat 4:35pm Santana v Lowery 1-4
2-Nov Sat 9:30am Lowder v Thompson 3-4
2-Nov Sat 10:55am Leivas v Robertson 1-2
2-Nov Sat 12:20 Pilkey v Santana 0-1
2-Nov Sat 1:45pm Lowery v Hill 6-2
9-Nov Sat 12:20 Robertson v Lowery 3-3
9-Nov Sat 1:45pm Pilkey v Lowder 6-2
9-Nov Sat 3:10pm Santana v Hill 1-4
9-Nov Sat 4:35pm Thompson v Leivas 6-2
16-Nov Sat 9:30am Santana v Lowder 2-4
16-Nov Sat 10:55am Hill v Robertson 2-2
16-Nov Sat 12:20 Pilkey v Leivas 2-4
16-Nov Sat 1:45pm Thompson v Lowery 3-3
23-Nov Sat 12:20 Thompson v Robertson 4-0
23-Nov Sat 1:45pm Leivas v Santana 1-3
23-Nov Sat 3:10pm Pilkey v Hill 0-3
23-Nov Sat 4:35pm Lowery v Lowder 6-2

The mission of Lake Havasu Soccer League is to introduce the game of soccer to youth of all ages and skill levels with the purpose of providing the opportunity for each player to develop to their highest potential.  LHSL strives to maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect and teamwork while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game of soccer.